Non-Aggressive Community Fish
Bala Shark- Not a shark, but is related to carps and minnow fish.
Gold Barb- Very active fish, also related to carps and minnow fish.
Guppy- A slow moving peaceful fish that is better other smaller fish.
Hatchetfish- Has a convex body and lives near the surface.
Moonlight Gourami- A silver colored, simple fish.
Neon Tetra- Shaped like a torpedo.
Platy- Comes in many colors.
Ram Cichlid- Loves plants.
Serpae Tetra- Best with other tetras, but not with a neon tetra.
Swordtail- It is harmless, but does chase other fish.
Tetra fish in general- Small, popular fish that come in bright colors.
large swimming fish

Neon Tetra- The neon tetra is a very popular and peaceful community fish that is easy to care for
and doesn’t require anything special except for ideal parameters and an aquarium of at least 5

Glowlight Tetra- The  glowlight tetra is also a very peaceful community fish that is easy to care

Bleeding Heart Tetra- The bleeding heart tetra is a peaceful community fish that is easy to care
For new owners of aquariums, it is safer to start with compatible, non-aggressive
fish who will not bite or stress each other. Here is a basic list of community fish.
Neon Tetra
Glolight Tetra
Bleeding Heart Tetra
Bleeding Heart
Neon Tetra
These are some equally peaceful community fish that are easy to
care for.
Penguin Tetra
Betta Male
Black Neon Tetra
Dwarf Gouramis
Penquin Tetra
Dwarf Gouramis
Black Neon Tetra
Betta Male
Betta Males are are good community
fish, just don’t put them with another
male betta.
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